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Dear Concerned Citizen,

If you are satisfied or even pleased with our elected officials in Tallahassee and what passes for accountable State government, then be sure to vote for and return incumbent Lizbeth Benacquisto as your State Senator on August 26th.

If, on the other hand, you're like myself and most Americans - disappointed, disturbed, frustrated, tired and even angry about the outrageous behavior of the people we entrust to protect our God-given rights, - then the most effective thing you can do is SEND THEM A MESSAGE and vote for me.  I'm Michael Dreikorn and I'd like to challenge you to take a few minutes and hear me out.  My guess is we have much in common.

As a Constitutional Conservative candidate for Senate District #30, I'm humbly asking you to help me send a clear message to Tallahassee politicians, that we no longer approve of “business as usual”, and we will no longer turn a blind eye to their behavior.  As free citizens of the United States of America, we will no longer allow you, our paid representatives, to:

  • Spend our money recklessly;
  • Indoctrinate our children with Common Core;
  • Openly invite the takeover of our education system by the federal government;
  • Kill our free market healthcare system and replace it with Obamacare;
  • Continuously make deals that benefit you personally while selling-out everything that is good for the citizens and of our state;
  • Exempt yourselves from laws that you force us to abide by;
  • Sell the future of our children into financial slavery;
  • Disrespect the most helpless among us and even disrespect God; and
  • Enable those who would chip away at our privacy, our rights as parents, to worship freely and Raise our children in the land of Liberty we grew up in.

We cannot - we MUST not - turn a blind eye to the obvious offenses of our legislature and the irresponsible stewardship of this wonderful state.

These legislators, that are now actively campaigning for re-election in their respective districts, had the power to stop Common Core (the federal takeover of our education system).  But a majority of both houses embraced it and greedily took federal money with open arms.  When the citizens of Florida objected, they passed HB #7031 that removes the words "Common Core" from all literature and language.

So instead of removing this offensive curriculum from our schools, they chose to change the name to "The Next Generation of Sunshine State Standards".  These same legislators proudly wore their Anti-Common Core badges while campaigning and touting their success in "eliminating" Common Core from Florida while simply rebranding it.

This was an abject deception no different than: "You can keep your doctor", "We lost the emails", or "It was the fault of a YouTube Video..." - All lies - Period.

If this leaves a sickening feeling in your stomach - you're not alone. I felt the same way until I decided that I could do something about it.  Our legislators are not so powerful that they do not have to answer to “We The People” AT THE BALLOT BOX.  

Lies are only the beginning: What about their blatant lack of respect for Human Life?  The serious and deadly lack of progress in protecting the elderly and unborn?  I am 100% pro-life and not ashamed.  When I say pro-life, I do not mean because the demographics of our district make it politically expedient for me to say it - I'm really pro-life.  If a majority of our Legislators CLAIM to be pro-life . . . why is it that we have made virtually no headway on protecting those that need it the most?  No effective legislation!   Why is it that bills mysteriously seem to die in committee?  The simple answer is that we have too many in Tallahassee who say one thing, but do another.   Is it any wonder you and I feel betrayed when we're treated to this kind of duplicity year after year?

If we want OUR America back, we must keep fighting AT EVERY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT for what is right.  Rather than go through every issue (water quality, flood insurance, inflation, etc.) let's get right to the heart of things - I have a plan.  Be accountable for your actions, don’t lie to the people, don’t cheat the people, and follow the Constitution.  And, stay true to the 10th Amendment, ensuring state sovereignty.

As a former military man, I understand the meaning of service and the urgency to protect our freedom.  As a retired business executive, I can say without hesitation that mismanaging taxpayer money is taking what doesn't belong to you.  As a small business owner, I can say that you will only thrive and prosper if you do what you say you're going to do.  As a man that fears God, I can say that it is national suicide to expect God to bless our country and state, when we tolerate lies and deception from the men and women we vote into office.

I will end this letter now because I don't feel as if I could speak any more plainly than this.  This will most likely be the only contact you will get from me, since the campaign we have is running almost entirely on volunteers and the "average Joe and Jane".  We will not be flooding your mailbox or airwaves with flashy pieces that really don't say anything about who the candidate REALLY is.  

So, I'm asking you to consider right now - before you get busy with the rest of life - that if you are part of the 85% of Americans that are feeling frustrated and disappointed, please get out your ballot and vote for me, Michael Dreikorn.   If you do, we will be one important step closer to having a balanced government versus citizens, financial opportunity, and a more peaceful community.

In your service,

Michael Dreikorn, Ed.D.

Veteran, Businessman and Candidate for Florida State Senate District 30